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Sack Consulting Offers Executive Level Trade Group Expertise and Services

We will enhance & increase services to your members at a fixed rate of compensation.

       Sack Consulting (SC) has become the “Uber of the trade association industry”! Joe Sack of SC has been providing “on demand” executive level services to several clients, including a major trade group comprised of leading asset management firms, for the past five years. Mr. Sack’s reputation for integrity and innovative, professional work is second to none in the financial services trade group industry.

       SC is in a position to take on additional clients in accord with our unique and creative approach to the pricing of our services. In fact, this approach can increase professional services to your members and optimize your association’s existing budget.

       The key to our success is that we are engaged by trade groups at a fixed rate of compensation. Joe Sack was a full time trade group executive for 20 years before SC. His career involved working with & for members on substantive advocacy matters as well as activities geared toward making the association itself run smoothly.

       At SC, you only pay for our professional advocacy work even though SC will also take the time to understand the nature of your existing member/staff relationships and blend in accordingly. We also realize plans are likely to change when it comes to mobilizing and representing an industry on regulatory/legislative matters. Thus, we will agree with you up front on what the engagement is likely to entail and then stick to our agreed upon amount of compensation regardless of any overruns to deal with unforeseen contingencies.

       SC’s goal is very straightforward. We use our experience and much of our time to gain insights regarding financial services regulatory themes and to maintain high quality relationships with industry leaders and policy makers in Washington. In order to capitalize on this investment, we endeavor to share our resources with trade groups such as yours. SC has found that the most efficient way to do that is to establish the anticipated value of our services upon being engaged by you & then to work with you and your people until your group’s initiative is completed to your full satisfaction.

Please feel free to catch up with Joe Sack (cell: 914-648-0088) on the above ideas as well as new developments in the financial services industry. joesack@sackconsulting.com


CONTACT Joe Sack (joesack@sackconsulting.com) today and learn more about how to create a beneficial environment at your firm as changes occur under the Trump Administration's various financial industry proposals.

Cell: 914-648-0088.

JOE SACK'S BIO: Joe Sack is the founder of Sack Consulting and provides advice to financial services firms regarding the implementation of trading & transactional processing in the global investment markets. Joe, a lawyer, served as Managing Director of the Asset Management Group at SIFMA from 2006 to 2010. Previously, Joe was an EVP at the Bond Market Association where he organized industry-wide lobbying initiatives for fixed income bond underwriters and technology and operations professionals. 

Sack Consulting, 40 Exchange Place, Suite 1800, New York, NY 10005


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